Specializing in split rail & privacy style fencing. Various materials & other styles are also available upon request. We custom build our fences to each customer’s specifications. To schedule a FREE estimate, please contact us with your specific needs.

Colorado Barns will call for city locates before starting any style of fence. However, these locates only designate underground public utilities; which include, but are not limited to gas, electric, phone & cable. Colorado Barns is NOT responsible for damage to any private utility or sprinkler lines, but we request that each homeowner provide their own locates for those lines so that potential damage may be avoided.

What is the average time it takes to build a fence?

2-3 days, weather permitting.

Do you provide destruction & removal of an old fence?

Yes, by request, for an additional charge that varies depending on the size of the load. This expense will be provided with the estimate total.

What depth do the post holes need to be?

24 inches. 

What width do the post holes need to be?

Twice the width of the post being set.


Excluding neglect, improper maintenance & acts of nature that include, but are not limited to lightning, fire, flood, extreme winds, etc.


REQUIRED to be placed in line to begin the job. The wait time to begin a project will be provided with the estimate. The deposit for ALL jobs is half the cost of the estimate total.

Final Payments:

REQUIRED immediately upon completion of the project, the balance will be due. If you are unable to provide payment in person on the day your project is scheduled to be completed, we request that your payment be available for pickup somewhere on the job site OR mailed directly to us, to be received by the date of completion.

Forms of payment accepted:

Cash or check